Thursday, September 25, 2008

get into the groove

a year or so ago, i happened upon the amazing mandalas created by christine claringbold that she paints on old records. recently, i was at a library book sale and found a box of old 33's and thought i'd give it a whirl.
get into the groove is my first mandala done in this fashion. i discovered that i actually LOVE using this approach. it's fun working on something that is already round, while giving a nod to the whole recycling thing.
i was so pleased with the result that i went to the goodwill store yesterday and stocked up on more albums to use as my canvas. i even found an old 78 - which i was thrilled to discover in the mix.
be on the lookout for more of these babies...i'm totally in the groove!


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hey Stacy! Welcome to blogland. I'm thrilled to see you here! This is so cool about your latest mandalas. I can't wait to see them in person. Looks beautiful in the photo...I'm adding your blog link to my blog and to my google reader account so I can keep up with your blog! yay!!

EyePopArt said...

That's very pretty. Click over to my blog to see some of the other cool things I am doing with vinyl records! Glad to have inspired you. Your work is gorgeous.