Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a pillow fight in heaven

last week it snowed in mississippi. as you might imagine, that's a pretty rare occurrence, and when it happens, traffic gets scarce, schools let out, businesses close. the world starts moving in slow motion and we all become children. you would have thought it was manna falling the way folks acted...tilting their heads back and sticking out their tongues in hopes of catching a dainty morsel; others scooping up handfulls in ziploc bags to pop into the freezer - an icy souvenir of "the great snowfall of '08." i watched in awe as the big, puffy flakes swirled and danced their way out of the sky. it was as if a million angels were having a pillow fight in heaven...and for a brief, magical time, we experienced life from inside the snow globe.

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