Saturday, September 18, 2010

the firefly

i just want
to be for
to be the
and not the
one trying
to capture
the light


Liberty said...
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Liberty said...

dear Stacy,

thank you so much for sharing your stunning images and words with the world.
I follow you by RSS and my spirits are lifted each time I see that I new post from you exists. I save it until I have finished reading everything else, knowing that it will awe me, inspire me, bring me to tears of beauty, tingles and wonder.

These words are inadequate.
Thank you for the center of my heart.

Kel said...

ah yes
to be the firefly . . .

melissa said...

What an amazing picture! If I can figure out how to follow you by RSS I will. Until then, I will just have to remember to check back often! Melissa

Stacy Wills said...

thank you, melissa! this has been one of my favorites.

Stacy Wills said...


thank you so much for your kind words. they really encouraged me!