Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the robin

life and death intermingling
captured in a moment, fleeting
'twas not a sparrow
who fell that day
but rather a robin,* so young
though it's tempting
to think otherwise,
even the briefest life
does not go unnoticed
the shortest song, unsung

-stacy wills (2/9/2011)

*the source image for this mandala is from a photograph of the feathers of a juvenile robin (juveniles lack the distinctive red breast of an adult bird) who met an untimely death after flying into my kitchen window. his mother and i stood watch, hoping that he was merely momentarily stunned (as occasionally happens), but he remained still. though it may seem macabre to some, there is something about creating mandalas from decaying things in nature, and then working with them digitally, that somehow captures and reanimates their essence - brings them back to life, as it were. it is my hope that in some small way my work honors this one life and brings awareness of the sanctity of all life.


Kate Jobe said...

Beautiful tribute Stacy and a beautiful mandala burstng with the energy of transition from this life to another

Pam Tucker said...

What a beautiful mandala! As is the poem to accompany it. We often have birds fly into our windows here. Only once have I had the same thing happen that happened to your little robin. It broke my heart...I love this piece.

Stacy Wills said...

thank you, kate and pam! i love being able to look out onto the world around me - i learn so much from nature.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh Stacy... this is magnificient! You indeed honored the sacredness of the robin - an Organic tribute. I bet that felt really good to do this, knowing you were a part of his/her sacredness and making it a part of yours...and now ours. Thank you.

Stacy Wills said...

thank you, cheryl...always so lovely to have you stop by!