Friday, March 19, 2010


in the thin places
there is no need
to lift the veil -
one simply
passes through
leaving the
mystery intact

source image: the posey stone


Kate Jobe said...

Love this is so alive and vibrant and the poem is beautiful...touched me in my heart

Kel said...

passing through the veil
what a lovely thought Stacy
i like the points on this
they remind me of angels of light

gypsy said...

Lush color! Question... do you utilize the source photo in your digital creation or is it a source of inspiration? Your work is lovely!

Stacy Wills said...

gypsy, i use the actual source image in creating the mandalas. i find the section of the photograph i want to use, then digitally play with it. having said that, however, the trees and stones and other natural elements i've been using recently in my work, also serve as inspiration, as i see everything as having its own story (energy).

gypsy said...

Stacy, Your digital mandalas are intriguing, just wonderful. Thank you for the additional details!

Jennifer said...

this is beautiful