Friday, June 10, 2011

everything works together

everything works together

a bump in the road

becomes a stepping stone

or a bridge

that takes us to a better place

we couldn't have gotten to

any other way

paths we would not have chosen

somehow seem to choose us

and lead us

to ever-widening worlds

-stacy wills (6/10/2011)


Judy Croome said...

Lovely mandala. And I like the thought that our paths choose us, rather than the other way around.
Judy, South Africa

Kel said...

some interesting colour combos in this one Stacy, and it reminds me of a celtic cross, hence a crossroad

i am curious
which comes first
the image or the words?

Stacy Wills said...

judy - thank you!

kel - the source image for this is the same picture i used to create the rose window in the previous post. as i was playing around with it, it reminded me of ribbons being woven together (everything works together), but there was a sort of "hump" (bump in the road) thing going on out towards the four corners. i guess for me, image comes first.

Daisy Yellow said...

Stacy, This mandala is gorgeous, dreamy, hypnotic. One of your best!!!

Stacy Wills said...

tammy - thank you! i appreciate those kind words.