Thursday, September 20, 2012



i have a new, that is!   i have been feeling like i needed to return this one to its intended purpose - that being mandalas, but i've branched out creatively speaking, and wanted another place where i could explore a different kind of art, as well.  over time i will be migrating the art on this blog that is not mandala-specific to the new one.  so if you begin to notice some images  missing, you'll know they've been moved to the other site.

the new blog is called:  sacred alter  and yes, that's alter with an "e."  if you visit, you'll see why...and of course i hope you will visit. :-)

the mandala below came about as a creative response to the current course i'm taking through abbey of the arts, called women on the threshold.  this has been a year filled with thresholds for me personally - and not all of them have been easy to fact, most of them have been very hard...and i find it very difficult to be creative when things are tough.   through participating in this class, however, i'm finding the creative juices are flowing again...and i am ever so grateful for that.

eve's whisper 

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