Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the end of eden

the end of eden (mixed media 2012)

what is it i desire...
what do i long for so much
 that i am willing...
willing to reach for it,
willing to stretch myself,
 to extend myself 
past the point 
of being comfortable,
to take that  risk?

i think of eve...
in that moment.
i imagine her
seeing the fruit of that tree.
was it just out of reach?
did she have to stretch beyond
what she thought was possible....
find a strength inside herself
she'd never known?
straighten and  lengthen her whole body
 as never before?
did she exert herself, extend herself, assert herself -
 more than she ever had?
did she stand on tiptoe
wishing - oh wishing to be taller?

i see her -
reaching...stretching...a l m o s t  there...
just a little bit  m o r e. . .
 when suddenly
  her hand grasps
the object of her desire,
and for a split second
 her feet leave the earth.

and i wonder...
is there something that i long for that much?
or have i told myself...
don't even try,
you know it's out of reach.

-stacy wills (9/12/2012)


Kel said...

and for a split second
her feet leave the earth.


words and imagery
powerful stuff

i'd love to know how you created this image

Louise Gallagher said...

this is incredible.

Thank you!

Stacy Wills said...

thank you, kel and louise!
kel, i created this using three different elements - two paintings - one of the woman, one of the tree, and along with that a citra solv page. i layered them all together in pic monkey and played with the image some more in pixelmator.

You Are The Child said...

Absolutely Stunning! It's nice when your feet leave the earth; even for a second.


Kate Jobe said...

Excellent post drew me in immediately and I love the power of the words.

Stacy Wills said...

thanks, kate! :-)