Monday, January 3, 2011

coloring outside the lines

there she is again
that dark haired woman
from my dreams
the one who insists on
coloring outside the lines

-stacy wills (1/3/2011)


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I think it's me, Stacy! Dark-haired, doesn't follow convention ... :-D

Stacy Wills said...

a-ha! you are more than welcome to visit my dreams any time, rose. dreams are so fascinating to me; i even remember some from early childhood. said...

This is a lovely poem, Stacy, refreshing. I will join you in coloring outside the lines any time!

LauraX said...

I like her insistence/persistence...reminding you to just be yourself...that you don't need to fit into anyone else's vision of you or even one you may falsely believe you need to fit into some days...her soft edges are a beckoning toward softening expectations...moving beyond the confines of containment.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Beautifully stated, Laura! She certainly does embody that wholeness.

Stacy Wills said...

laura - yes, wise words, very well put. :-)