Tuesday, January 18, 2011

return to center

i find myself craving
a return to center
a center with margins
with room to grow
protected womb-space
hushed and holy
a sacred place
where dreams can ripen

-stacy wills (1/18/2011)


Kate Jobe said...

I do not have adequate words to describe the level of truth and the power of the emotions that this mandala and poem generated within me. I recorded thoughts somewhat reflective of these in my Morning Pages today, but with much less eloquence. Thank you for your radiant truth.

Doe Grozs Art said...

Love this.. it's so beautiful. I just unpacked a box of gemstones 2 days ago.. and you have inspired me to do some creative work with them. Can't seem to get away from this computer today.. so much to fill me up :-)
thank you for your beauty and wisdom

Jennifer said...


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

OH how I crave this too. Thank you for putting what I've been wanting into such beautiful words and art.

Christie said...

This is (pregnant pause, searching for the right word) -- radiant! Such a powerful image, thank you!

LauraX said...

beautiful stacy...with margins and room to grow...yes this is the womb of life I know.

Karin Bartimole said...

Ah yes, I am so with you!! Beautifully worded and imaged. I breathe them in deeply - the color, the space, making room within for sacred dreams.
thank you Stacy xox

You Are The Child said...

Absolutely Beautiful my love!

May be my most favorite yet. Let's dream and grow together.


Kel said...

i see a glittering emerald at the heart of this, and feel the stirring of new growth

Tess said...

Coming late to this as I've not been widely online lately. Both the image and the words - which fit together like glove and hand - are beautiful and speak deeply to me. Thank you.