Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the woodpecker

a downy messenger
came knocking on
grandmother cedar's door
[every tree is a door]
in her beak, this invitation:
find your rhythm
find your rhythm
keep pecking away
at every deception
until truth is revealed
listen to your body's wisdom
protect that which is sacred
the womb of your creativity
hear the echo of
your own heart beating
home is within
home is within

-stacy wills (1/11/2011)


Jennifer said...

this is beautiful

melissa said...

Stacey. This piece is amazing - and your poem is wonderful! You are certainly starting off the New Year full of inspiration!

Doe Grozs Art said...

I started to work on an assemblage before we moved and today I took it out to work on it.. Inside a large cigar box was a paper mache' torso that I had cut a shape out of at the "womb".. inside was a woodpecker. I sat with it pondering the message of the woodpecker and YIKES! you wrote it! and it's message is very prevalent to me right now.. thanks for this validation :-)

Kate Jobe said...

This is so powerful Stacy...your work, both written and visual, jsut keeps evolving and increasing in power...and always...it evokes beauty and depth.

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

I love this woodpecker, Stacy - and the lovely poem. Thanks for sending me to preach one purl one. What a fun blog. I'm so inspired by all the blog artists out there. Thanks so much! ~ Sue

You Are The Child said...

Beautiful my love
Home is within
and You are in my heart!