Wednesday, January 21, 2009

spring of the eternal

i was walking down the driveway when i noticed water pooling under the house. i asked the clergywoman, one of three living there, if they had a leak. she said, "no, the water has always been there. don't worry."

the water has always been there. she seemed so sure...playful even. but water makes me nervous. especially when i find it in places where i think it ought not be.

her certainty had a calming effect, and i does she know that? and...what is it like to live in a house with a spring beneath it? and not just any spring mind eternal that has always been there.

why do the waters trouble me?

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Doe Grozs Art said...

seems to me you've built a bridge over troubled waters...
the crossroads, as I see it.. a path in either direction, safely crossing over the water.
p.s. I too like water to be where it makes sense to me :-)