Sunday, March 22, 2009


how can i explain savannah
her beauty transcends words
still, i search for them
knowing that you, too,
have such places of the heart
that place where
once you pass into her
your first impulse
is to weep for joy
imagine yourself there
and you will know
my city
my home


Cheryl Finley said...

Oh Stacy... beauty, beauty, beauty... I just LOVE what you're doing with your blog. A feast for they eyes and soul. Inspirational too... I MUST get back to posting and writing. Thanks for being a part of the Mandala Oasis...and quenching my mandala thirst with your creative passion.

Elysa said...

That's how I feel about Swaziland. I've GOT to use this one on my blog!!! I've been missing Swaziland so badly today that I've been in tears.