Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a day at the beach

i remember
we took the tarnished silver spoons
with us to the beach
and dug sandcastle moats with them
until they gleamed and our arms ached
i remember
bodysurfing til we were limp as rag dolls
and collapsed on to the soft worn blankets
i remember
the musky sweet smell of coppertone
and the way we laughed as we
rubbed it on each other's backs
listening to WSAV play top 40 tunes
on my transistor radio
and waiting to hear the "tan tone zap" that
reminded us to turn over every 15 minutes
i remember
stopping by the sugar shack on
the way home for the best soft serve
ice cream cone EVER!
and being amazed at how much sand
can collect in one's bathing suit
after a day at the beach
and i remember
how good it felt to slip between
crisp clean sheets and go to bed early
because i was so worn out
from having fun


Kate Jobe said...

Your writing draws me into so many memories of my own...the sights, smells, sounds and emotions are so profoundly clear in this..and the mandala truly is reflective of the energy of the time period...the colorful movement of change

Laura said...

This one is playful. I really love it.

gypsy said...

Your poetry works perfectly with this lovely mandala. Thank you for sharing your art!