Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a joy rediscovered

oh why did i ever stop climbing trees?
i hung from branches by my knees
i clambered up wisteria vines fearlessly
and never gave a second thought
to whether they would hold me or not
the trees i climbed, i knew them well
the oak, magnolia, pecan, elm
i knew how best to scale each one -
just where to place my feet and hands,
and which of them had room for friends
i can't remember why i quit
or which tree i climbed last
but now that i've come to think of it
who says my climbing days have passed?


Eveline Maedel said...

and the trees join hands and dance all around - this one is wonderful too Stacy!

Evelyn said...

Your mandalas are breath-taking! Looking forward to seeing more in the "Eyes of the Heart" class.

Jan said...

I so love trees. Your poem and mandala are beautiful.

Kate Jobe said...

This is glorious Stacy

Kel said...

stacy this is so cool
i can see all sorts of creatures to play with in the branches of this magical tree

Abbey of the Arts said...

exquisite Stacy - climb, baby, climb! :-)