Friday, August 20, 2010

a pearl in the making

i don't know why
i am surprised
anymore, to find
my tears so close
to the surface,
it happens so
often these days...
my eyes, always
on the verge
of giving me away
but wisdom says:
let them fall,
they are pearls
in the making


thymekeeper said...

I don't which I like best - the mandala or the poem... :)

Lotus said...

O my!
This sooo speaks to me! How fortuitous that I saw this today... ; )
Thank you for the lovely mandala/poem post.

You Are The Child said...

I think I like the Poet best of all!

Kel said...

me too Dan!

gypsy said...

I really like these psychedelic + flowing mandalas. I don't always mention your poetry, but I so enjoy it.