Sunday, September 26, 2010


if you are a regular reader here, you won't be seeing anything new. the artwork in this video has all been featured here at one time or another. what will be new to you is the music you hear. that's my beloved playing. i asked him to play something original to go along with the images and he graciously (and truth be told, a little reluctantly) agreed. he hasn't had much time to play his guitar these days; the pace of his life goes about 70 mph, and he felt rusty. plus, guitar strings are tough on tender fingertips. but he persevered...just as he had all afternoon trying to even figure out how to make a video. when it was all said and done, i watched it about 5 million times...just to hear my beloved play.


Kel said...

this bought tears
two souls sharing their creative work with the world
lovely ;)

Stacy Wills said...

brings tears of joy to my eyes, too. thanks, kel. :-)

You Are The Child said...

I Love You

gypsy said...

Stacy, I adored the collaborative creation - a brilliant selection of your mandalas and lovely guitar work. Thank you for sharing!