Friday, February 25, 2011

swan song

i know the heavy ballast
of feeling out of step
with your companions,
those who would try
to tame your wildness
and make of you a pet
they do not understand
that you have been infected
with the desire to see
the beauty in all things
-the oyster and the pearl-
or how, like the swan,
you are able to drink
only the milk from a
saucer-full diluted with water
i know it isn't easy, but persevere
in learning to sing your own song

-stacy wills (2/25/2011)


Liberty said...

~thank you~

Stacy Wills said...'re welcome! thank *you* for stopping by. (i just love your profile pic, btw)

Kate Jobe said...

I feel these words within my soul..and like swan, whose energy can take us into the inbetween spaces, the art is both earthly and magical.

Kel said...

this shimmers

its me said...

hi i read your blog its very beautiful :)
can you just add a follower widget as it would be easier for me follow you?

Stacy Wills said...

its me...thank you! i'm not very computer literate when it comes to widgets and gadgets, but i did manage to add the follower thingy...bottom of the right hand column.:-)