Wednesday, March 9, 2011

electric snail

every single species of
the animal kingdom
challenges us with all...
the mysteries of life.

-karl von frisch (1886-1982)


María del Mar Hermoso said...

The electric snail talks us about how each life lights with its poper colours and echoes. After death, all of us leave our personal fingerprint in the way those colours and echoes were sent during our life, and they still remain afterwards. Not matter how small or big, important or invisible our life has been. There is beauty in the fact of being alive; there is happiness when feeling a part of nature, a part of mankind.
Thanks for the peace and serenity I receive when looking at them. You are a mystic.

Laura said...

This is so cool!

Barbara said...

That electric snail gives our little friend the presence and stature it deserves! Blessed are the slow processors, for they will glow in the night!