Monday, April 11, 2011

a poem for lent (for d. w.)

i was raised on stained glass images,

quiet ceremonies, and

pristine baptismal pools,

but no window

ever told me the story

of how you waded willingly

into a muddy river

teeming with humanity or

how deeply you plunged in

to search the churning waters

i drowned in long ago

how strange then to

know myself now

as one heaved ashore

sopping wet and

weak as a newborn

hearing my name

spoken aloud

for the very first time

-stacy wills (4/11/2011)


Lotus said...

Very beautiful... : )

Trece said...

I am so glad that Jesus thinks we're to die for!!

You Are The Child said...

Such a beautiful understanding of the incarnation. That One would plunge into our depths and so identify with us.

Lovely imagery.


goldenflower said...

Thank you for this beauty.

Stacy Wills said...

thank you, lotus and ylh!

trece and goldenflower - welcome to my blog, so glad you stopped by! blessings!

a said...

wow - that was beautiful