Saturday, March 17, 2012

mirror, mirror

i hear it, know it
in myself,
the familiar echo
of long-ago longing,
as i listen to
my darling daughter,
she of the rare green eyes,
wish for brown.
i've done the same...
there was a time
i would have gladly
[foolishly] traded:
grey for brown
curly for straight
mousy for raven
fair for olive
comfort for speed
but then
who might i have been
had i gotten my wish?
certainly not the woman
sitting next
to this beautiful
green-eyed girl.

-stacy wills (3/17/2012)


You Are The Child said...

I am so glad that both of you are exactly as you are. ylh

Sandra Mosley said...

Loved this mandala AND the poem. Thanks!!

Stacy Wills said...

so glad you enjoyed both, sandra - thanks for stopping by!

Kate Jobe said...

So always