Wednesday, October 22, 2008



I am sitting in the coffee shop with my Dad
Drinking a cup of coffee,
waiting to pick up my children
And I realized how good it is to belong to people

He has given his best years,
all of them,
To my Mom and me and my sisters and brothers
To care for us because we belonged to Him
There is a bond between us; a union of life
Part of my soul is inside of him
And part of his soul lives inside of me
I can't explain it, but that is how it is
We belong to one another

The same is with my dear one
We've been sharing love and joy and pain
Laughter and tears
Children and grandchildren now
For more than 25 years

Part of each of us lives inside the other
I'd like to explain this to my children
But I'm not sure they would understand it
It might sound more like restriction than
Realizing part of one's true self
Is to belong to another

But maybe when I am eighty
And we're sitting at the coffee shop or somewhere else
They will see what I see now
How good it is to belong.

Maybe they'll see it sooner than I did
-Dan Wills


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

I'm thinking Dan needs to publish a book of his poems. Love this! really touching.

Doe Grozs Art said...

I see a book with your mandalas and his poems... just beautiful.
and I get it!!!!!
GORGEOUS, AMAZING MANDALA!!!! I'm awed by each one.