Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a river runs through it

There is a river in my childhood
Where water flows slowly along the bank
And the grasses wave in the breeze
To greet the water on her way
There are trees along this river
Who offer their leaves as company for the journey
And shade to cool the current
For her long unending labor
And in my mind I am there
I hear the rustling
I see her unhurried pace
As she washes the stones in her bed
She moves along in happy sadness to another place
Happy to be moving, yet sad to be leaving
Wishing to linger just one more moment
In the sweetness of the present and the past
Flow over me childhood river
And let me see you once again
To know your coolness
To hear your soothing voice
Speak of peace yet to come
-Dan Wills

1 comment:

Doe Grozs Art said...

My recent mandala which I will post soon also has the four "rivers"... love the addition of your husbands poems.
Makes me think of being back at the Esopus river. Miss it.