Thursday, November 6, 2008

dancing in the light

i've always been something of an extremist, so while you might think this mandala, dancing in the light, is a departure from my typical style, it's actually just the other end of the spectrum that resides within me.

i love ballet. as a little girl, i took lessons at madeline walker's school of ballet. i was odd girl out in a mirrored room full of smooth haired buns, pink tights and black leotards. i still remember the excitement of recital nights...the pastel hues of scratchy, stiff, sequined tutus...the intoxicating smell of spray painted ballet slippers mingling with the musty smell of the heavy velvet auditorium curtains. for a few magical hours i was cinderella at the ball.

then, as now, i inhabit a body built for comfort not for speed. but inside of me there lives the long, lithe body of a dancer...a ballerina girl dancing in the light.


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

I think you would enjoy my movement class Stacy!

Kate Jobe said...

Loved the sensory journey of this post...the smells...the touch of the fabric...the colors...I walked upon the stage with you as I read it. Kate

Stacy Wills said...

thanks kate! it was your beautiful paintings that put me in remembrance and inspired this post.