Monday, November 17, 2008

little girl on a golden isle

i'm a little girl on a golden isle
running the halls
of that old hotel
tasting an exotic kind
of freedom
that haunts me
to this day
you asked the boy
with the surfboard
to give me a ride
in the deep end
of the swimming pool
the morning water so cold
and i was so afraid
but more afraid
of disappointing you
you hated to fly
and yet you hired a plane
to take us over the island
i felt the mix of
fear and butterflies
until i saw them
the wild horses
running on the beach below us
and i was enchanted
never wanted that ride to end
thank you for that gift
was that your secret
to feel the fear
and do it anyway
i learned to swim
in the deep end
i'm learning to fly


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Well, well, Mrs. Wills...your gifts just keep on unveiling themselves...the poetry is lovely and a beautiful accompaniment to your amazing mandalas...Enjoyed my visit here very much...thank you!

Kate Jobe said...


You are so many ways...your work and spirit have such depth and power....Kate

Patricia J. Mosca said...

I feel the warmth and freedom of flying viewing this mandala...Thank you...