Monday, December 1, 2008

a native of savannah

over thanksgiving we traveled north to visit my husband's side of the family. it was a memorable and satisfying trip that i will be "processing" for weeks and months, i'm sure.

as we drove through miles and miles of flat illinois farmland, i began to wonder how this landscape has helped to shape the inner landscape of the people who call this part of the country, "home."

i realized that my inner landscape has been shaped by...defined that is vastly different, for i grew up in the coastal city of savannah, georgia. that is the place i call "home."

i realized that i crave the ocean as much as i crave my next breath...i have to be within reach of her.

"a native of savannah, georgia..." is how my artist's bio begins. although i have lived in mississippi for over 20 years now, a "native of savannah" is at the core of my being.

my beloved husband grew from rich, dark, fertile soil...while i sprang from the ocean. we make a good pair.

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the naked tapdancer said...

Stewart finally got to visit Statesboro over Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about the differences in the scenery and the soil, and how those differences affect us (he really liked south Georgia, thank goodness!).

Hope you had a great holiday!