Friday, October 23, 2009

spider watch

round and round
i watch her traverse
the circuit of guy-wires
like an aerial acrobat,
she moves gracefully
from one radial line to the next
a slender leg stretches out
creating tension on the thread
as her abdomen deftly tucks under
lightly touching spinneret to web
another sticky strand successfully attached
and on she goes,
round and round
each movement made with
careful, rhythmic precision
her morning work is almost done now
she slows down
making her way back to center
weaving the final milky puffs of silk
that come from her body
into the tell-tale zig-zag
of a garden spider


Kel said...

watching a spider weave as you have written here is a meditation in itself

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Truly a meditation, as Kel said. I've never stopped to see a spider's work as you've described it with such beauty. The mandala image, too, is so fitting. Thank you.