Wednesday, October 21, 2009


resist the temptation
to shine things up
the beauty is in life's patina


Kel said...

Stacy, the mandala and words are a reminder of something very true
thank you

emmy jay said...

I've been admiring your work on this blog for a while, but today's post has special meaning for me.

Thank you.

Stacy Wills said...

i've been revisiting some of my mandalas lately. pulling them over into and playing around. for so long my work has been about color - getting all the color that had been bottled up in me OUT! i'm sure i'll always be a colorful kind of girl, but right now it seems that this is a season for shadow work.

emmy jay - thank you for your kind words and i'm glad that this post had special meaning for you today...blessings, stacy :)

Unknown said...

the poetry is really special. sometimes creating a monochromatic mandala is just what is needed!

Kel said...

ah, shadow work
some of our best stuff appears when we dare to explore the shadows :)

Daisy Yellow said...
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gypsy said...

Stacy, verdigris has such depth and lovely muted tones. I've never toyed with my mandalas digitally, but this is really cool. Now another idea to try! ~ Tammy

Doe Grozs Art said...

oh, so true.
Your work is so inspiring!
thank you