Monday, September 22, 2008

into the blogosphere...

i'm taking the plunge into the blogosphere...we'll see how it goes.

how did i get the name "magic mom?"

about five years ago i wanted to find an art teacher to see about getting my two younger children some private lessons. that was the truth - but the deeper truth was, i was the one who was searching for a creative outlet.

i'd been told by a friend that a woman named jackie kellum was the person i was looking for. i tucked jackie's name into my memory bank.

one day, while standing in line at the post office, i took notice of the woman ahead of me who was mailing a package. the name on the return address was "jackie kellum." shyly, i introduced myself, quickly explained that i normally don't approach strangers in the post office, told her all the wonderful things i had heard about her and asked if she was still giving art lessons.

jackie looked me right in the eye and said, "you are a magic mom." her words went through me like an electric shock.

we set up a time for my kids to come to her home for their first lesson. i kind of hovered in the background - soaking up jackie's every word. she said, "any one can learn technique. what i want to do is open up people to creativity."

a month or so later, jackie lost her home in a fire and moved away out of state. but that meeting in the post office that day changed my life.

that's the beginning of the tale of how i came to be a mandala artist. i'll try in subsequent posts to fill in "...the rest of the story."

sometimes all it takes to get the creative ball rolling is a chance encounter - a divine appointment.

thank you jackie kellum...wherever you are!


Elysa said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Stacy! I'm so glad you told me about this new endeavor. :)

Lin Neiswender said...

You are magic indeed, Stacy! Welcome to the world of bloggers! Have fun!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

You are doing a wonderful job for a NEWBIE!!!!!! I would of guessed you had been doing it forever!! I suppose in your head you have!! LOL...
Artfully Yours,