Saturday, September 27, 2008

something different

mainly i like to draw while listening to spoken word pieces...lectures, sermons, books read aloud, or interview shows like npr's speaking of faith. i have a love of learning, and this method allows me to get into a zone where my mind is engaged with new or challenging thoughts and ideas, while my hands are busy translating them into shapes and colors. but on this particular day in 2006 i wanted to try something different - drawing to music - no words - just music.

i decided that i would move with the music - follow its lead - go where it wanted to go - stop where it stopped. the resulting mandala, the great eye am, is decidedly different than others i had drawn up to that point. it feels more "organic"...less structured.

sometimes in life, we want...we try "something different." try going with the music - see where it takes you...i bet it's somewhere beautiful!

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