Friday, September 26, 2008

the magic man in my life

the magic man in my life is my beloved husband of almost 28 years, dan wills.

he's the kindest person i have ever known...
and kindness is very high on my list of desirable traits in a human being.

this is his favorite mandala - planted by rivers of water. by his own admission, his life goes about a gazillion miles an hour at times. he says looking at this helps him slow down on the inside.

he's also a poet at heart. this one is my favorite:


I love the trees
And the way they move in the wind
The pines as they sway in the dance of the breeze
They seem to know one another
And can stand very still without talking
The sounds of the wind moving across the branches
Are the nods and voices of approving friends

They are like a congregation
A group of members together in harmony
All in one place for a long time
Separated only by the space needed to grow

-Dan Wills


Doe Grozs Art said...

A blessing indeed to find just the right guy for us :-)
I have one myself... and I love that you started the blog!! Putting you in my "favorites" and tell your husband I love his poem. I could see this in my mind.. the tops of the trees conversing in their language... love it!

Kate Jobe said...

I am very connected to trees and love listening to their language when the wind converses with them...such a peaceful mandala and a beautiful poem...Kate

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hey Stace, Trees are magical, I agree. I love the way they protect each they are stronger when they are in groups...just like people. And of course I agree! Your husband is a true sweetie!